South West London Collaborative Commissioning

What changes can we expect to services outside of hospital?

A central focus of our approach is to deliver more services in community settings, in primary care and, where appropriate, in people’s homes. CCGs, local councils and GP Federations are already developing and implementing ambitious plans for more and better community-based services. This will allow our hospitals to focus on what they do best, providing specialist care for those who really need it.

Our plan is to make it easier to see a GP, by making more appointments available between 8am-8pm – we will do this by making better use of other clinicians like pharmacists and nurses. We are setting up ‘locality teams’ in each area to work together supporting patients. These teams of GPs, nurses, pharmacists, social care staff, mental health and other health professionals will work closely with local hospital clinicians. They will , support people to stay well and help people with long term conditions and their carers to manage their conditions better and seek help when they need it.