South West London Collaborative Commissioning

The STP says that five acute sites are not sustainable. Which one will you close?

We are not proposing to close any hospitals:  we know we will continue to need all the hospitals we currently have. We have said previously that we don’t think every hospital has to provide every service.  At this early stage, we are considering how services should be organised across south west London but we have not yet reached the stage of making any recommendations on this.  No decisions have been made and no changes will be made without input and engagement and appropriate consultation with our local residents.

The starting point is getting the care outside hospitals right, because if we do this, we reduce the pressure on acute services. That’s why we want to invest in primary care and community-based services and work with local authorities to do more to keep people well and out of hospital. This is our immediate focus and we are not currently proposing any changes to our hospitals.

Our plans continue to evolve through local discussion and we have looked at these issues again since our draft STP was published. Having listened to feedback, we are ensuring that we develop the health and care model for SW London based on each ‘Local Transformation Board’ (LTB) determining local need, rather than a ‘top down’ plan. The four LTBs (Croydon, Sutton, Kingston/Richmond and Merton/Wandsworth) are being asked to consider what their patients need, what services could be provided in the community and what each hospital should provide.