South West London Collaborative Commissioning

  • Our vision

    People in south west London can access the right health services when and where they need them.

    Care is delivered by a suitably trained and experienced workforce, in the most appropriate setting with a positive experience for patients.

    Services are patient-centred and integrated with social care, focus on health promotion and encourage people to take ownership of their health. Services are high quality but also affordable.

  • Key documents

  • Our emerging priorities

    One of our key areas of focus is on preventative and proactive care and we will need to deliver health services differently to help people stay well.

    We know we can’t solve everything at once and that we have to prioritise. We are keen to discuss with local people what our immediate areas of focus should be.

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The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership for SW London, which includes the NHS and local authorities is currently refreshing its strategy.

Since the publication of the SW London STP document in November 2016, we have held a series of public engagement events and more in-depth conversations with our stakeholders. As a result, the STP programme Board is now updating its approach and primary focus.

We want to strengthen the focus on keeping people healthy. Getting involved earlier, as soon as vulnerable people start to become ill at home. We want to stop people from becoming more unwell and give them the right support at home so that they don’t need to be admitted to hospital. We know that being in hospital can in some cases lead to either a reduction in people’s independence, or even getting an infection. If people do go to hospital, we want to get them home, so they can recover more quickly in their own bed, with the right care and support.

To achieve this focus on keeping people well, the SW London STP recognises that a local approach works best. The NHS working jointly with Local Authorities and local people within boroughs, will plan care based on people’s health and care needs from local-communities upwards.  We want to move the conversation on, to be about planning and delivering care in these four health and care partnership areas:

  • Kingston/Richmond
  • Sutton
  • Croydon
  • Merton/Wandsworth

We will also be working with our partners in Surrey, and London borders. By the end of November these health and care systems will have reviewed the feedback from local people over the last 6 months, analysed their local data and identified their challenges. They will then set out how they plan to work together to improve services for local people, and be clinically and financially sustainable into the future. We will now take advice from the local stakeholders and build on engagement to date to involve local people in planning services going forward. If any proposals would mean significant change, the statutory organisations would of course consult local people, with advice from our Overview and Scrutiny groups in each area, and our Health Watch partners.

In November 2017, we will publish an updated and refreshed strategy document that will consolidate this view and strengthen our major focus on working together in local health and care partnerships, to keep people well and out of hospital.


Please  note – This website solely provides information and updates about the joint work of the six SW London CCGs and NHS England – including the five year sustainability and transformation plan (STP) for the NHS in SW London.

CCG Public Board Meetings – follow the links below for the dates and times of the six south west London CCG public board meetings.

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