South West London Collaborative Commissioning

What is the STP (sustainability and transformation plan)?

The STP that has been published is a draft document for discussion. It has been submitted to NHS England as part of the national assurance process, which makes sure all local plans align. Once this process is complete, a final STP document will be published, but our plans for south west London will continue to develop and we will involve local people in developing them.

The background is that following publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View in 2015, all NHS regions across the country are working together, and with local councils, on a five-year ‘sustainability and transformation plan’ for their local NHS.

South west London Clinical Commissioning Groups, provider trusts and local authorities have formed a ‘Strategic Planning Group’ to deliver this work. We will build on work already taking place in south west London and we are looking at all aspects of local health services – hospitals, primary care, mental health and community services.