South West London Collaborative Commissioning

What is SWL Collaborative Commissioning?

The six south west London CCGs together with NHS England (who commission specialist and primary care services in south west London) are working together under the umbrella name of South West London Collaborative Commissioning  (SWLCC).

In 2014, following an NHS England consultation called A Call to Action a Strategic Planning Group (SPG) was set up in each NHS region in England. SWLCC is the SPG for south west London. It has responsibility for planning service change to address the challenges facing the local NHS and also for managing new initiatives such as primary care co-commissioning.

The six CCGs have now decided that they would like to continue to work together and to maintain a permanent SWLCC team to support their joint working in future.

Working together as SWLCC, the six CCGs and NHSE have developed a five-year strategy for local health services, which was published in May 2014.  You can read The 5 year strategy. here.

The NHS Five Year Forward View was published by NHS England in October 2014 and sets out a vision for the future of the NHS. It sets out why change is needed in the NHS, what that change might look like and how we can achieve it. Five Year Forward View

In June 2015, the CCGs published an Issues Paper, summarising the challenges and emerging solutions set out in the strategy and putting forward questions for local people to respond to. You can read and respond to the Issues Paper online

Please  note – This website solely provides information and updates about the joint work of the six SW London CCGs and NHS England – including the five year sustainability and transformation plan (STP) for the NHS in SW London.


CCG Public Board Meetings – follow the links below for the dates and times of the six south west London CCG public board meetings.

Croydon CCG meeting dates     Kingston CCG meeting dates
Merton CCG meeting dates       Richmond CCG meeting dates
Sutton CCG meeting dates        Wandsworth CCG meeting dates